Installers of Storage Equipment who are new to SEIRS will need to have completed the following before qualifying for a SEIRS-CSCS ID card:


(1)     A SEIRS Skills course*

(2)     A SEIRS “advanced level” course (either SEIRS Advanced, Shelving,

          Supervisors, Managers, or Mezzanine)

(3)     A successfully completed CSCS/CITB Health, Safety and Environment test

          which must be 30 months within date of your application for a SEIRS-CSCS ID



* Installers who have completed a SEIRS “advanced-level” course prior to 31 December 2015, will not be required to complete the SEIRS Skills course as part of the minimum requirement.


Please note that you will need to plan well in advance in order to renew SEIRS course qualifications should this be required.


The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) test is conducted by the CITB and you will need to liaise with the CITB should you need to complete or renew this test. Successful completion of the CITB HSE Test yields a 'Score Report' which must be sent to SEIRS as proof of qualification.