As the established safety training programme for installers of storage equipment in the UK, SEIRS has been chosen by the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) as the recognised route to a CSCS card. The CSCS is the regulatory body for work carried out on construction sites and where a particular contract or project falls under one of these sites installers will require a CSCS card.

A CSCS card is a special type of SEIRS card. To obtain a SEIRS-CSCS card installers of storage equipment need no further qualifications provided they already hold the minimum SEIRS requirements and have achieved a pass in the CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test (HSE Test).

Please contact SEMA/SEIRS for an application form should you require a CSCS card.

(NB: Before completing and returning the form the installer will need to posess a valid SEIRS Card and supply a copy of their HSE Test certificate. Installers who have not passed the SEIRS Advanced course prior to 31st December 2015 will also need to complete the SEIRS Skills course as an additional requirement).